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Nutrition Tips for the Holidays

  1. Go for the white turkey meat and do without the skin
  2. Add more non-starchy vegetables to your plate
  3. Do without the added sauces and gravies (cranberry sauce, turkey gravies, etc.)
  4. Drink some flavoured sparkling water with your dinner
  5. Choose one treat for after dinner, remember those tasty treats will always be around, and holidays and celebration seem to “always happen”
  6. Going somewhere for dinner and not sure what will be offered? Have a small healthy snack before leaving the house
  7. Send left over holiday treats to work or to friends. Too many temptations in the house can be a “recipe” for a disaster – pun intended!
  8. Take a sensible portion size on your plate. You can always go for more if you’re still hungry. Most people tend to have this thought that they MUST finish what is on their plate, which can lead to over eating
  9. Look for opportunities to be active – Go for a family walk after dinner to enjoy conversation and good company
  10. Watch the drinks, alcohol can add a lot of unwanted calories to your diet. If you’re going to drink, be conscious about the amount you consume