1-on-1 Nutrition Sessions

With the guidance of a Registered Dietitian, reach your goals with a plan that works best for you. Whether it’s a nutrition session whenever you like, ongoing monthly programming, meal plans, or workouts, there is a variety of services to suit your goals.

Discovery Session
1st appointment
free 20 minute session
Learn about nutrition services
free 20 minute session
Review food diary
Supplementation recommendations
Setting Smart Goals
Nutrition Session
per session
30 minute appointment
30 min Nutrition Session
30 minute nutrition appointment
Review food diary
Supplementation recommendations
Setting Smart Goals
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Food Diary Assessment
per assessment
Learn more about your nutrition
Detailed nutrition analysis of your current nutrition
Three day Food Diary Dietary Assessment
Macronutrient Analysis
Micronutrient Analysis
Highlights of nutrition deficiencies
Highlights of high level of nutrients
Dietary Guidelines
Nutrition Appointment
Meal Plan
Food Diary
Weight Loss Meal Plan
per plan
1 Week Meal Plan
Detailed Customized Meal Plan
1 week meal plan
Shopping List
Macronutrient analysis
Micronutrient analysis
Dietary Guidelines
Customized based on your preferences
Nutrition Appointment

Corporate wellness

Jessica has years of extensive experience giving nutrition talks to businesses that are looking to improve the knowledge and health of their employees. She also does talks for university students, teams, and fitness facilities.



Jessica is passionate about spreading the most up to date nutrition information across Canada. She has talks  with radio, TV and other platforms such as written articles on the most trending nutrition topics.


Recipe Development

If you’re looking to have your product featured in a recipe, this is something Jessica loves to do. Incorporating healthy ingredients into recipes is a skill she shares on Instagram, Pinterest, and her Recipe page.


Brand Partnerships/Affiliate

Jessica is passionate about creating her nutrition tips, recipe hacks, and sharing her information in the community and multiple social media platforms. She is excited to work with brands that share similar values and bring recipes to improve health and recipes.


Please contact Jessica Roy for more information regarding these services.

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